Snowmobiling in Revelstoke, BC, Canada


Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours invites you to ride the deep powder snow of Revelstoke BC. Known for its massive annual snowfall of 16 to 20 meters (50-70 feet), the Revelstoke Mountains guarantee great snowmobile tours between November and May.

2013 marks our 19th year of Revelstoke snowmobile tours and we’re proud to be one of Canada’s best. When riding with us, you can count on our deluxe lodge facilities, great services, the best Skidoo mountain snowmobiles and exciting trips in the best powder snow of North America.

Trail & Mountain Information

revysledding 1Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours is the only operator licensed to seven of the best riding areas in Revelstoke. With pleasant temperatures of 0 to -10 degr C (32-15 deg. F), a large network of groomed trails and fantastic alpine terrain, there is great snowmobiling for everyone. And our Revelstoke accommodation Glacier House Resort is right in the middle of it with direct snowmobile access to the 3 most popular areas: Boulder Mt, Turtle and Frisby Ridge.


Most riding is done between 5500 to 7500 feet elevation

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  • Akolkolex & Mt McCrae: 18 kms south of Revelstoke. Great family area with 100 K of smooth non groomed trails and challenging alpine on Mt McCrae. Some avalanche risk.
  • Boulder Mt : 2 Kms west of Revelstoke. 50 Kms of trails and over 150 sq kms of alpine bowls and meadows. New day-use club cabin. Famous climbs on Super Bowl, Turbo Hill and Sugar Bowl.
  • Frisby Ridge: Most scenic riding area with meadows, bowls, hill climbs and a sensational 5 km ridge ride. 144 sq kms of alpine and 60 kms of trails. Please respect caribou closures. Private Great Canadian cabin and day-use club cabin.
  • Eagle Pass: access via Turtle Mt or Sicamous: large area with several lakes, powder hill climbs and lots of fun tree riding.
  • Mt. Hall/Coursier Lake: 40 Kms south of R. Over 150 kms of smooth non groomed trails and table top alpine area.
  • Keystone /Standard Basin: large riding area 65 kms north of Revelstoke. Higher avalanche risk and rough 26 km trail to large alpine riding area. Day use cabin.
  • Sale Mountain: smaller riding area 15 kms north of Revelstoke. Good early season riding, 20 km trail to small alpine. Please observe heli-ski and caribou closures.
  • Turtle Mt: access from Boulder- Kirk-up trail. Non-groomed trail and steep mountain access. Large powder riding area with large variety of terrain. Recommended for experienced riders. Avalanche risk.
  • Wap & Mable Lake: 18 Kms west from R. 150 Kms of non groomed trails with old cabins and lots of moose. Access to 3 alpine areas: Griffin, Begbie and Monashees. Great for family rides.

Grooming & Trailpass Information

afb snow2The Revelstoke snowmobile trails on Boulder Mountain (including access to Turtle Mt) and Frisby Ridge are groomed by the Snowmobile Revelstoke Society on a regular basis 4 to 5 times per week, depending on conditions. A trail access fee of $ 20 is charged per snowmobile or skier/boarder.

Please note trail passes are included in all our tours and multiday rental packages.

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Cabin information

The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and Revelstoke Snowmobile Society maintain cabins on Frisby Ridge (13 kms up the trail), Boulder (20 kms) and Keystone (middle of the alpine). They are warm-up shelters for day use only. Please respect the cabins and burn firewood only as you need it. Assist the club in keeping the cabins clean, pack out your own garbage and please clear snow off the steps and entrances when you are the first visitor of the day.

Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours also has a private cabin under crown tenure on Frisby Ridge. 'Glacier Station' is locked at all times and for private use only. Contact us if you need access to it for emergencies or event purposes.

Avalanche Conditions, Courses and Clinics

afb snow1Avalanche risk on Boulder and Frisby Ridge is in general moderate due to the volume of riders compacting snow. However we recommend for all riders to the Revelstoke area to inform themselves of the current avalanche conditions for specific riding areas. Conditions may vary greatly in each area and some areas are more avalanche prone, due to the aspect, snow, local weather conditions and levels of remoteness. All avalanche gear can be rented at Glacier House Resort

Check Avalanche conditions

revysledding 4Any backcountry rider should have the following equipment and know how to use it:

  • Up to date avalanche beacon with charged batteries
  • Avalanche probe
  • Non plastic avalanche shovel
  • Spare food, spare clothes, communication & navigation equipment

Never ride alone and while riding do frequent terrain assessments for avalanche conditions. Keep a keen eye out for terrain traps, signs of past avalanches like flagging of trees or bare slopes, run-out zones and know when to turn around and find safer terrain.revysledding 5

Avalanche Clinics on request

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On request we can present your riding group with an avalanche safety clinic or refresher. Intended to provide you with safety information, as well as current conditions, these clinics are great for our visiting sledders. A refresher on how to travel safely in avalanche terrain and the safe use of safety equipment, the clinics to not replace avalanche courses, but intend to make you more aware of traveling in avalanche terrain and put those at home at ease. Contact us at 1-877-837-9594 for information on clinics.

 Snowmobilers and the environment

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Many snowmobilers care about the environment they ride in, and many contribute to make this world a little greener. Find out about riding restrictions in Revelstoke and what you can do, and how we try to do our best in keeping a 'green' profile and supporting enviro causes in Revelstoke. Find out more.



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