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The Best Snowmobile Tours & Rentals in Revelstoke, BC

Snowmobiling in Revelstoke BC, Canada is all about riding the fabulous deep powder snow. Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours is Canada's premier backcountry snowmobile tour & rental company. With over 20 years of snowmobile experience in the Revelstoke Mountains, we have perfected the art of mountain riding. Whether you book a Revelstoke Snowmobile Tour, a snowmobile rental, need some gear or just a guide for the day, our company insists that you get a quality product and have a good time whether your a pro or a novice rider.

Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours Offers:

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Guided Backcountry Snowmobile Tours
Using Glacier House Hotel & Resort as our base, we offer one to five day snowmobile tours for beginner and expert riders. These are no 'follow-the leader' tours; If you can ride it, we'll take you there and let you free ride. It's not just fabulous snowmobiling in Revelstoke, some tours even include BBQ's in our private cabin, night rides and hot spring visits. Nobody does it beter than we do!

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Short Revelstoke Snowmobile Tours
Choose from 2 hour to full day tours to explore the sensational powder snow of the Columbia Mountains. We provide quality snowmobiles, all the gear and guides for a great winter experience. 

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Revelstoke Snowmobile Services
Snowmobile Shop: Gear sales & rentals. Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours offers the best in gear from HMK gear and packs, Scott Goggles, Motorfist gear, Skidoo parts, Baffin Boots, Pieps and Pulse Avalanche gear. Onsite fuel, work shop, parts, avalanche rentals, T-shirts, drinks, snacks and more.

Guiding Services: We've got the best Revelstoke Snowmobile Guides. Well trained in first aid and avalanche safety and with years of mountain guiding experience, Steve, Kirk, Nadine and Alex provide you with a great and safe ride. Find out more.

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Legitimate & Quality Oriented
Don't be fooled by fancy websites and claims of expertise. 20 Years ago, Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours was one of the first tour companies licensed by the provincial government to take mountain sledding to levels of tourism professionalism. Our programs include up-to-date snowmobiles, guides trained in first aid and avalanche safety, and a quality approach to customer service In British Columbia, tour companies need to be licensed and insured by the province to operate. Your riding pleasure and safety is our main concern, so insist on a licensed, quality operator.

Insist on a Great Canadian Snowmobile Tour.